Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dessert at Gelato Messina

Flavours L to R: Raspberry Sorbet, Two Stroke, Rumball in the Jungle, Tiramisu, Leaf Leaf Bang Bang

Given driving to the city is generally a rarity, Jade and I figured we may as well stop by Messina to pick up a take home tub.

With legitimate reason, this is the one of the best gelato places in Sydney - my only peeve is probably that it seems to never have Green Tea, but I suppose I have Via del Corso up at Westfield Sydney for that.

At 1.5L for $26.70, we got:

Raspberry Sorbet: my go-to at Messina, generally because I'm now more and more inclined towards sorbets given my recent bout of lactose intolerancy 

Two Stroke: "coffee, white chocolate and hazelnut gelato with candied hazelnuts", well I think coffee in any time of ice-cream can't go wrong, really.

Rumball in the Jungle: "peanut butter gelato smashed with rum balls", this was pretty good but ridiculously rich!

Tiramisu: all-time, all-time favourite

Leaf Leaf Bang Bang: "mango and coconut sorbet with pandan jelly", I wasn't too keen about this given I don't really like the taste of mangoes, coconut or pandan that much. Jade on the other hand adores this.

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