Sunday, 13 April 2014


It's been barely 4 months or so since I've been back and yet I want to pack a suitcase and leave the country already. I find myself lusting for next year and the new experiences to come, it excites me that I'll be gone for half a year by myself in a place where I'll be barely able to speak the same language. I can only really wish that time moves along faster.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Fine Frenzy

In the hypnotic lull of the rain, copious essays surrounding me, multiple drafts scrawled with coloured textas and arrows and A Fine Frenzy on repeat; the reality of uni life is becoming a mundane acceptance. I'm finally slowly beginning to develop a rhythm to what I'm doing, re-discovering that lame sense of learning that's been absent for a solid half a year now. 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Slowly coming back

Hopefully this post marks the slow and steady return back to blogging. My days are slowly filled with anxious frustration concerning what it is I know I have to do and having the time and willpower to get it done. In the past two weeks my little bubble of ignorance has been shattered - by no means was I spoonfed information and content during high school; but the content was so much easier to grasp. My core international and global studies unit is the most convoluted and earth-shatteringly hard thing I've studied for a long while; all I can say is I'm looking forward to catching up and reading this week's required reading because it's something that I'm very interested about aka. the relationship of economic ties between foreign nations and globalisation VS the political economic theory that I'm drowning in right now. This week has seen me work a mind blowing 5 days, where on two nights I got home just a little past 11 after an afternoon/night of work, completely die in my first tute, realise how absolutely dull every single lecture (except INGS and Chinese) is, and decide after due consideration that I'm swapping in my le Pliage for a Herschel backpack.

I think I might call it a night.


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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

First Week of Uni

Alas, it has been a while since last I blogged but I'm craving some sympathy because between then and now, I've more or less been working full time when combining my tutoring and retail hours. Quietly mocking anyone who had the nerve to say that they were 'eager to start uni' so that 'there was something useful to do during the day', my days have been filled with unnecessary amounts of self-pity and complaints along the vein of 'I CAN'T BE BOTHERED' and 'I HATE UNI CAN I JUST BE IN HIGH SCHOOL AGAIN' (who knew I'd ever say that?).

I mean, all complaining aside, uni is pretty fun. It may have been that going to the high school that I went to put me in this little sheltered microcosm, but in all honesty university isn't much different to high school. Truthfully, uni is really just high school but with more grown-up problems to deal with.

My self-inflicted financial emancipation from my parents means that I'm juggling two jobs to support myself and save up for whatever I need to save up from.

My desire to transfer into another course in my second year means that I'm trying to ace out this year with a Distinction average (with hopefully some HDs chucked in the midst too).

My desire to overall leave my 3-6 years of tertiary education with a solid WAM/GPA means again, I have developed this newfound motivation to do well in uni (very different to the apathetic attitude towards my grades that I began to develop in high school as the years went by).

My refusal to abandon a social life in favour of anything else means that I'm more or less always tired.

And ultimately my refusal to lose sleep in any way, shape or form; means that I'm just constantly busy.

But to be honest I can't say I hate this life. I'm someone who relishes in the need to be busy, the need that there is somewhere I need to be, something to do, someone to see. It excites me, it motivates me, it energises me. I worry though that I'll burn out and I'll start letting certain things slide, whether it's cancelling on a friend turning to never catching up with that friend again, to not going to a lecture and losing marks because of it.

It's a life full of compromises and I'm only really beginning to just see the beginning of this tunnel of apparent adulthood.

But to my fellow young 'uns who read this and are still in high school, do not fear; university is an amazing place where (for want of a better word), your desire to learn is stimulated. You choose courses based specifically on what you love and so as lame as it is, I'm excited to read content and learn about my chosen units regardless of how I constantly feel like I have no time.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Dessert at N2 Extreme Gelato

It baffles me that I've walked along Dixon Street so many times in my junior years the past, and yet I've never stumbled across N2 Extreme Gelato.

Worth the hype? Maybe.

*Apologies in advance for the shocking quality of the photos

Deconstructed macchiato
Ordering the deconstructed macchiato, the gelato was pretty smooth and delicious. The syringe of chocolate was a lovely novelty that shot forth mini squirts of chocolate sauce. Combined with the sight of liquid nitrogen flowing everywhere, it was quite a sight to see and I'm glad I had finally made it to this hyped up place.

Indeed the icecream was good, but Westfield's Via del Corso and Gelato Messina are equally excellent gelato establishments (and were it not for the novelty aspect, Via del Corso's green tea and Messina's tiramisu and raspberry sorbets are my undoubted favourites)

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Japan: Day 6 (Kyoto - Castles and Empty Imperial Gardens)

*Yes I'm determined to trudge forward with these trip reports regardless of the absolutely shocking upload times that I've had to wait

By Day 6 the days were beginning to blur together in a jumble of temples and toriis, of too early mornings spent running from the hotel to the Lawsons for a mayo sandwich set and/or onigiri. My feet were finally beginning to get used to walking and standing around for long durations of time, but I still welcomed being able to forced to take off my shoes before entering temples. In all honesty, when I think back to this day, I wasn't the happiest kid on the block (for reasons to be details below).